Other services

Multimedia translation

Multimedia translation – translation from an audio or video tape, DVD or other data media as well as transcription (transforming information to text from any other data media).


Copywriting is creating different types of texts, such as advertisement texts, web page texts etc.

Support services

Support services are services that are added to the translation services and ensure a high quality of the work, such as scanning, optical character recognition, localization, saving to data media, proofreading, layout work, design, printing and so on. Sending the translated text to the client per post or courier can also be considered a support service. Correct TB tries to give its best to offer clients as many support services as possible to ensure that a full service can be provided.


Localization is the adaptation of the translation text according to the linguistic and cultural environment of the target user. Localization is more versatile than regular translating, as it adapts the translated material to the local cultural context to make it unequivocal and understood correctly.

Layout work

Layout work means placing and formatting of text and graphics using specialized software. The service is mainly used when dealing with newspapers, magazines and books, but also with all kind of advertising materials (brochures, booklets etc.).

The full service

The full service incorporates exactly the services the client needs (for example translation –> editing –> layout work –> proofreading –> printing). This means that the full service can incorporate the preparation of the translation text, translation, editing, copy editing, layout work, proofreading and printing. Naturally, you have the possibility of choosing only some of the stages from the list, but if you are dealing with materials that require a high level of quality, we suggest you order at least the stages from translation to proofreading from the same place. If you order the services from us, we guarantee that the texts will be correctly translated, have a correct and consistent usage of grammar and terminology and follow your requirements.