When a price offer is made, the main thing to consider is the number of characters. Correct TB calculates 1 800 characters with spaces (in the source text) as one translation page for all language combinations. This is a customer friendly approach, as usually the text becomes longer by translating. The character-based calculation is used with the following services: translation, editing, proofreading and copywriting. For translated texts, the translation page price naturally contains editing and pre-delivery inspection.

An hour-based calculation (the price is calculated according to one hour of service) is used for the following services: layout work, interpretation, transforming a non-written text into written text and vice versa (multimedia translation). In case there are services that are added to the translation (for example layout work, localization, full service, sending the finished work using a courier service etc.), then the corresponding sums are added to the price. If the text to be translated is very terminology heavy or complicated in some other way, it may raise the price a bit. We will agree on any possible extra fees early enough so that you can have the end price of the work right away.