The languages

The languages, from and into which Correct TB mainly translates, are following: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian.

If you need a text translated into a language that is not included on the list, do not hesitate to contact us nonetheless – we are certain that we can find you a suitable solution. 


Translation is a service that conveys the idea represented in the source language into the target language in a written form. The translation goes through editing and pre-delivery inspection. All texts delivered by Correct TB are correct; they adhere to all grammar rules and are prepared according to the requirements of the client.

If the text does not have to comply with such high standards (for example, you only need to understand the text or use it for another assignment), we can provide you with a so-called informative translation. This translation is also grammatically correct and conveys the idea of the source text, but instead of editing it will only be proofread and inspected at the end. Naturally, the cost of such translation is lower than of a regular translation.

The pre-delivery inspection

The pre-delivery inspection means that the translated text will go through a general inspection, making sure that the finished translation text follows the format and level of finishing required by the client. It is also checked that the translation text is formalized correctly, that all parts of the source text are translated and the names, numbers and other data in the text are correct. All assignments delivered by us go through a pre-delivery inspection and this is included in the price.


Interpretation means translating the source language orally into the target language. The most common types of interpretation are the following.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation – the speech is translated in sections of 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the difficulty level of the text. There is no need for special equipment (for example headphones), because the interpreter uses notes taken during the speech process.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation – the interpretation process and the speech process happen simultaneously. The translation can be done in a special translation booth. In that case the translation reaches the listeners via special headphones.


Chuchotage – similar to simultaneous interpretation, because the process takes place at the same time when the speaker speaks. The difference is that no interpretation equipment (headphones) is used and the speech is being interpreted only to a few people by whispering to them.